I: Corporate Governance Statement

Eneco is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining a talented and diverse workforce so as to maximise its corporate goals. Diversity includes, but is not limited to, gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background.

This Policy does not form part of an employee’s contract of employment, nor does it give rise to contractual obligations. Every employee and officer of Eneco is responsible for supporting and maintaining Eneco’s corporate culture, including its commitment to diversity in the workplace.


1.1The Board will establish measurable diversity objectives for the Company to strive to achieve.

1.2The Board will assess annually the objectives and progress of achievement of these objectives.

1.3Progress against the measurable diversity objectives set by the Board will be disclosed in each Annual Report of the Company.

1.4As recommended by the ASX Principles, in each Annual Report, the following specific information will be disclosed in the Corporate Governance Statement:

(i.) the measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity as set by the Board in accordance with its diversity policy and its progress towards achieving them;

(ii.) the proportion of women employees in the Company;

(iii.) the proportion of women in senior executive positions; and

(iv.) The proportion of women on the Board

1.5• This Policy does not impose on Eneco, its directors, officers, agents or employees any obligation to engage in, or justification for engaging in, any conduct which is illegal or contrary to any anti-discrimination or equal employment opportunity legislation or laws that are applicable to the Company and/or its related bodies corporate.


2.1The Board is committed to embracing diversity when determining the composition of the Board, including the nomination, selection and appointment of new Directors. Assessment of qualifications, skills, experience and diversity of gender is considered by the Board in determining the composition of the Board, senior management and employees.

2.2The Board is committed to creating programs or initiatives to best enhance the development of required skills and experience for leadership roles and Board positions, to achieve improved diversity within the Company.

2.3To assist with improving gender diversity within the organisation, the Company will develop and introduce programs and initiatives. In the case of gender diversity, such initiatives may include:

(i.) mentoring programs;

(ii.) networking opportunities;

(iii.) professional development programs that are targeted at helping women and men develop skills and experience for advancement to senior management and Board positions;

(iv.) fostering a corporate culture that embraces and values diversity and uses that diversity to deliver business outcomes;

(v.) providing flexible work options and a working environment that helps women and men to balance their work, life and family responsibilities; and

(vi.) management supporting the promotion of talented women and men into leadership roles.


3.1The measurable objectives will be developed with the focus of improving and enabling a diverse workforce. The Board is ultimately responsible for establishing the measurable diversity objectives for the Company and ensuring that they will be progressively and successfully achieved.

3.2The CEO and Company Secretary will monitor and report on the progress and effectiveness of the diversity programs and initiatives, as part of an annual compliance review to the Board.


As at 25 Sept 2019