A. Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Statement

Eneco Refresh Limited (Eneco or Company) is committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of corporate governance. As such, Eneco and its controlled entities have adopted a corporate governance framework and practices to ensure they meet the interests of shareholders. The board of directors (Directors) of Eneco (Board) is responsible for adopting and monitoring the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 2nd Edition (‘the ASX Principles’).

This statement incorporates the disclosures required by the ASX Principles under the headings of the eight core principles.

1.0 Lay solid foundations for management and oversight

2.0 Structure the board to add value

3.0 Promote ethical and responsible decision-making

4.0 Safeguard integrity in financial reporting

5.0 Make timely and balanced disclosure

6.0 Respect the rights of shareholders

7.0 Recognise and manage risk

8.0 Remunerate fairly and responsibly

Refresh considers its practices achieve compliance in a manner appropriate for smaller listed entities.

This Statement will be reviewed periodically to reflect further changes and enhancements where necessary. In the event of regulatory change, the review will be done immediately.

Information on the Group’s Corporate Governance Statement could be found on Eneco website: www.eneco-refresh.com.au 

These policies and practices are presented on the website as well as downloadable in pdf.


Shareholders are entitled to vote on significant matters impacting the business, which include the election and remuneration of directors and changes to the Constitution. They are also entitled to receive the annual and interim financial statements.

The Company has organised with its share registry for shareholders to receive and send communications electronically. Shareholders are encouraged to register their email details with the Company’s share registrar for direct updates of Company matters and have available to them on-line access to facilitate their account maintenance, including viewing of balances, choosing method of delivery of annual report, price-volume charts for up to one year and download of forms to notify of change in particulars.

All information disclosed to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is posted on the Company’s website eneco-refresh.com.au. All recent Company announcements, media briefings, details of Company meetings, press releases and financial reports are also available on the Company website.

Shareholders are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the Annual General Meetings where most directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the auditors are present to answer any question they might have. In the event they are unable to attend these meetings, they could appoint proxies to vote on their behalf.

As at 25 Sept 2019