Eneco Refresh

Investment holding company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: ERG)

Eneco Refresh Limited is part of the Eneco group of companies, Japan. It has 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries

  1. Eneco Australia Pty Ltd is the distributor of Eneco’s Plasma Fusion and Plasma R Hydrogen Gas for Australia and New Zealand.
  2. Refresh Plastics Pty Ltd
    With machines capable of producing up to 210-litre, Refresh Plastics offers a diverse range of plastic bottles and containers. It produces its own range of AMPI Activity Toys. Besides producing its own products, it also produces bottles for beer, wine and beverage customers. Refresh has been contract manufacturing custom moulded products for many companies.  
  3. Refresh Waters Pty Ltd
    Refresh Waters offer complete drinking water solutions – bottled water, water filters and purifiers. It has been producing Australia’s purest drinking water since 1997.

Refresh Pure Water is Australia’s largest producer of distilled drinking water with a capacity to produce more than 10,000 litres of distilled water per hour.

Distilled Water Suppliers uses a patented distillation process to produce water of ULTRAPURE quality. Our distilled water is GUARANTEED to have less than 1 part per million of total dissolved solids and is regularly tested and certified by NATA accredited laboratories.

Hydr8 Water supplies bottled water with customised label. It is the future of promotional products because it makes the perfect gift and is a healthy form of promotional advertising. Personalised bottled water stands out from other promotional items because it is a cost-effective form of marketing.

Oz Water Filters stocks the widest range of water purifiers. This includes sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, distillers and air-to-water generators. Portable as well as plumbed-in units are available.

17 Denninup Way, Malaga WA 6090


P: (08) 92483006

F: (08) 92487233

refresh group www 03 50



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